Day by day #6

Morocco Bike Adventure 2019 Day 11 Almost home, plenty of time, cruising, enjoying, dangerous, focus. Tarmac is completely broken, metal weaponing sticks out of the concrete, a beautiful little climb, steep. Bob Seger day. I 'm older now, but still riding against the wind. Local hotel, first westerner in weeks  not even a lavabo, noisy, … Doorgaan met het lezen van Day by day #6

Day by day #5

Morocco Bike Adventure 2019 Day 9 Rain. Luck, I am on a 60 km tarmac stretch. Flooding. Thunderstorm, seek shelter for the lightning. Roads become rivers. Hunters, a shot, hit, blood. Fuck! Just a scratch, lucky, ok. Weather clears, gravel piste again. 120 km uphill and enjoying it, welcome to anti-atlas. Once again, amazing beauty. … Doorgaan met het lezen van Day by day #5

Day by day #3

Morocco Bike Adventure 2019 Day 5 Tarmac, then gravel, then sand. The desert. Whooaahh, love it. More technical riding. Clouds of dust, Ralley du Maroc. Vrooaaarrrr. Contrast, noise, aggression. Ahouli mines, an industrial heritage site, deserted, quiet again. Serpentine piste back into this world. Western restaurant, double spagetti. Cirque de Jaffar. Nosebleed messy. Every day is … Doorgaan met het lezen van Day by day #3

The gear

Morocco Bike Adventure 2019 Handlebars Wildcat Lion harness with a Sea-to-Summit Evac drysack 8 L TentSleeping bagSilk sheet (sac à viande)Air matress & inflatable pillowLongjohnsSocks Frame Revelate Designs Ranger 6 L Repair kit First aid kitPowerbarsCamelbag (extra)Pole for tent Saddle Lezyne XL Caddy 7,5 L Rain jacketRain shortsRain hatWarm jacketLeg warmersGlovesHeadscarfSlippers Top tube (head tube) … Doorgaan met het lezen van The gear